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Radical Numbers

This week, it's time to get radical. DJDeedle's got a collection of the most radical numbers around.  No need to get your calculators out, Deedlecast has worked out all the answers for you.  

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Funky Business

The weekend is the perfect time for a little business of the funk kind.  It's a celebration like it's 1999. Tune in and let's down to business.

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Back Once Again (2014 Extended and Remastered)

DJDeedle's back once again with some ill behavior, served fresh and hot just the way you like it.  This week, he's taken the classic Deedlecast from January 11, 2008, and not only remixed and remastered it, but added to it as well.  

Ill behavior warning:  This Deedlecast has a rude word or two! 

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Flashback: Automatica

This week, we're on full automatic in the hands of the computers.  Just sit back, and let DJDeedle and his processors do all the work.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride.


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A Short Break

As we close in on 8 years of weekly Deedlecast, DJDeedle has decided to take a short break to recharge his creative engines, upgrade his technology, and re-engage his musical muses.  That just means a little hiatus from weekly production. But he'll never make you face a Friday without facing the music.  So, each Friday during the hiatus he'll be highlighting classic shows from the archives, remastered works, and other "lost" episodes.  

With over 400 episodes and singles, there's much to choose from.  Because of the great volume of shows in the archive, Deedlecast's RSS feed only goes back 200 or so shows, so those of you who have subscribed to the podcast in the past few years may have missed some of these gems.  All the shows are available on  But, unfortunately, given the limits of technology, those subscribing via iTunes and other podcast apps may not be able to capture some of the earlier shows directly to their devices.  In the next few weeks while DJDeedle works under the hood tweaking and upgrading Deedlecast and, enjoy these classic flashbacks.

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Clock Logic

Perfectly timed. Perfectly tuned.  DJDeedle applies some rationality and reason to the elements to this week's Deedlecast, and an extraordinary and fascinating groove is the only logical result.  Let logic and reason rule the day.

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Hyper Cube

Physicists tell us that when dimensions bump up against each other, they release energy and create entirely new universes. This week, DJDeedle brings you a new universe of multidimensional sound.  Some parts of this new universe may seem familiar, but it's definitely got a power and energy of its own.

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Rapturous (Single)

With folks running around claiming that today is the end of the world, DJDeedle decided to make it a party.  Here's a rapturous single featuring Blondie, Erasure, and the Doors. 

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Alt*Funk Alliance

The rebellious sounds of alternative rock and funk join forces this week, combining their strengths into a complex groove.  Electric bass and drums move front and center, with the distinctive beat of funk rock, funkcore, and electrofunk moving nicely through the mix.  



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Macheesmo: Empowerment in the Kitchen

DJDeedle's friend, Nick, has launched a tasty new website all about food.  Nick calls his creation, "Macheesmo." 

What is Nick's website all about? 

Food and cooking have become much too serious. This thing which should be fun and somewhat whimsical, but at the same time essential, has been lost to a world of processed, fast, and unhealthy food. The goal of this site is to explore cooking and food and also show people that it can be fun, exciting, and rewarding.

What does "Macheesmo" mean?  Let Nick tell you:

Macheesmo is about empowerment in the kitchen. I want people to feel confident around food. One thing that we can control is what we eat and what we feed those we care about. That’s why the motto for this site is: Cook something.

When you proudly go out on a Saturday night in a black t-shirt with flour stuck to it, that is Macheesmo. When you spend two days carefully preparing ribs that your friends devour in ten minutes, that is Macheesmo. When you can confidently cook for your girlfriend’s mom… Well, you get the idea.

Get your Macheesmo on at:

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