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Today's Deedlecast marks 8 years we've faced the music together.  It's truly time for a party, and DJDeedle has just the music you need to celebrate.  DJDeedle's taken a little break from his time away from the mixing board to put together a special something to help you party like it's 1999 or even 1959.  This show resonates with the sounds of six decades.  

So whether you've been facing the music with DJDeedle every Friday since 2006, or you've joined us along the way, many thanks, and much love.  Join the party - already in progress.  

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Flashback: Mood Underground

Deedlecast's fresh and new 8th anniversary show is just a week away.  But this week, we flashback to one of DJDeedle's very favorite shows, Deedlecast's 5th anniversary show from2011, "Mood Underground."  


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Flashback: Progressive Elements

Deedlecast's eighth anniversary is just around the corner.  So, this week let's look back to the fourth anniversary show, "Progressive Elements" from February 26, 2010.  Prog-rock blended with a whole host of other sounds, both old and not so old for a truly progressive effect.  


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Flashback: Wired 4 Sound

Back in April 2011, DJDeedle got you "Wired 4 Sound." The full-on, hi-fi, hardwired Deedlecast sound you love.   Flash back to that classic Deedlecast. 

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