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Soft Landings


As anyone who travels these days is well aware, travel by air can be a trying experience, with all the delays, airport security, cancellations, overbooking, extra charges, etc. Surprisingly, DJDeedle and his long suffering consort are not excepted from these difficulties. Nevertheless, we have persevered and have returned to the SpinDeedle production facilities in Washington, DC to produce more shows for DJDeedle's devoted listeners. Given an infinite amount of time, patience, and a little bit of competence on the part of certain airline employees, (not to mention some extra fees here and there) one can endure and overcome these air transport obstacles. On the other hand, to arrive at your intended destination refreshed and positive in spirit and attitude, one must have a good supply of the dulcet tones of Deedlecast. This week I have put together a soothing anodyne to your travel woes.


So fasten your seatbelts comfortably around you, put your seat backs and tray tables in their upright and locked positions, and drift into air transport bliss.


Just a little warning that there are couple of rude words in one of the songs.
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Deedlecast Kaua'i

 As many of you know, DJDeedle's signal has been relocated temporarily to the island of Kaua'i, Hawaii, and this week's Deedlecast eminates from there. Commensurate with DJDeedle's vacationing mood, this episode is a relaxing melange of many musical flavors, hues, and textures.

Aloha, and thank you for your kokua! 

Don't worry. DJDeedle has not foresaken his kind listeners. There will be another Deedlecast from Washington, DC next Friday.

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Classic Rock, the Mark Vidler Way
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Last week featured the easygoing music of one of my favorites, Alex C. This week, I've chosen another of my favorite bootleggers, Mark Vidler, of Go Home Productions (GHP). Mark Vidler is a professional sound enginer and dj, and you can tell that instantly from his technical skill and the clear and produced sound of his finished product. One of Vidler's particular talents is the mixing of a wide array of popular music with almost universally recognized classic rock guitar riffs and beats.


This is a rock show. So there are a couple of rude words in this mix, albeit almost imperceptible.

Part of the fun of listening to mashups and bootlegs is playing "name that tune" with all the different songs mixed in. Here is the answer key for this podcast:


  1. Juicebox Rock (Peaches / The Strokes / Theme From The Munsters)
  2. Ray of Gob (Madonna / Sex Pistols)
  3. Crazy Little Fool (Beatles / Queen)
  4. Who Fooled Kylie (Kylie / The Who)
  5. I Can See for Miles (The Who (GHP Brighton Breaks remix))
  6. YazU2 (Yaz / U2)
  7. Ultrathin (Ultra Nate / Thin Lizzy Free / Jailbreak)
  8. Paperback Believer (The Beatles / The Monkees)
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Brokeback Mountain (Deedle's Epilogue Mix)


The long suffering one purchased the soundtrack to "Brokeback Mountain" on Itunes the other day. The album has seven achingly beautiful guitar songs by Gustavo Santaolalla. If you've seen the film, you know that Santaolalla's pieces play as vital a role as the Wyoming (actually Alberta) landscape in setting the mood. The music, like the scenery, was almost a character in the film.

So the long suffering one asks, "DJDeedle! Will you mix these seven Gustavo Santaolalla songs together into one mix of about ten or so minutes?" The songs are so sparse, and so melodically simple, that they were not difficult to sew and dub together into a seamless, thematic mix. With a few suggestions from the long suffering one that only made the mix even better, I present another off-the-Friday-cycle Deedlecast. I wanted to hold on to this Deedlecast for awhile, but just couldn't wait for you to hear it, dear loyal listeners! Consider it a bonus for subscribing or checking back often.

As always, if you enjoy DJDeedle's interpretation of these beautiful songs, please support the original artists by purchasing the entire album. (Tower Records is but one of the wonderful places to buy "Brokeback Mountain (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

DJDeedle cares about his small, but devoted, audience. Remember, the comment button is always available for you to provide feedback.

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Tu ne's pas oublie


Today would have been his sixteenth birthday. It's hard to believe he's been gone for over a year. There was never a better, more loyal, patient, sweet, loving, attentive, well-behaved, constant, or adorable companion. There was also never a companion more loved or missed.

This isn't a Deedlecast. It's a single song called "I'll Be There" by Weekend Players that I remixed into a four and a half minute version. I intend to make a short film as a tribute with all the photos and film clips I have of him, set to my extended mix. The mix is called "I'll Be There (Deedle's Sleepiest-sleepy-sleep mix)."

I chose this song out of myriad options because, through good and bad, he was there for me. He was there when I was living in Dallas just after graduating college, didn't know a soul in town, and found out that I'd passed the CPA exam. I had just gotten him, and we danced and celebrated together. He was there at the airport when I came home from England after a seven day coma and a near miss with spinal menengitis. I remember being in the hospital just wanting to get back to the states to him.

He was there all through law school and the bar exam, and all the late nights and stresses. Friends and boyfriends came in and out of my life, but he was always there for me with his unwavering love and support. With all the vicissitudes of school and career, we moved a lot in his fifteen years. We lived in Dallas, Austin, and DC. It didn't matter to him, as long as he was there with me. We went to Montreal, Provincetown, California, Oklahoma, New York, Ohio, and all over Texas together. He loved the car, and he was always so good on the plane that I was able to carry him on in one of those pet bags, so happy to be going along, never making a sound under the seat. He just wanted to go with, and hated to be left behind.

Happy birthday. You are never forgotten and are always with me.

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Alex C: Easy Does It


This episode of Deedlecast is a little change of tempo. First, it is a showcase of one of my favorite mashup artists, Alex C. You may have noticed in the previous episodes that mashups tend to be fairly busy pieces of music. There are a number of reasons for this, one of which being that when one mixes what are originally two or more finished and complete songs together, no matter how much technology we throw at them, sometimes there are a few imperfections where the songs just won't mesh. The abundance of beats melodies and such can be used to obscure these imperfections and render them virtually undetectible (except to the artist who will hear them forever).

Alex C, is perhaps the most gifted of mashup artists because his creations aren't so busy, and yet the imperfections just aren't there. His work tends to be a mixture of more mellow pop songs, jazz, and down-tempo music, where obscuring tiny flaws just isn't possible. Granted, Alex C has professional training and experience as a dj, and is not merely an amateur as most bootleggers and mashup artists are. That fact, however, should not mininize the high level of raw talent required to imagine and create these gems. This Deedlecast is just a small sample of of his considerable and diverse oeuvre that I particularly enjoy.

  1. Holiday Shout
  2. Dirty One Note Samba
  3. Mike vs. Macy
  4. A Grand Love Theme
  5. If You Can't Make No Sound
  6. Fanfare of My Name
  7. The World's Gonna Sort You Out
  8. Pick Up the Fine Day
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Served Fresh from Washington, DC

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Now, a new episode of Deedlecast, cooked right here in Washington, DC.

This episode features DJ Paul V's wonderful mashup, "The Daily Show vs Audio Bullies vs Aerosmith - Cheney's Got A Gun." Funny stuff, and quintessential inside-the-beltway political (and dark) humor. Also in this episode is Alex H's "KillaVanilla" (Vanilla Ice v. almost everyone), as well as Knackwurst's "Bat Power" and DJ Lance Lockarm's "Bring the Muzic Back." "It's Easy Girls on Film" is my own sendup of Duran Duran. "Seven" and "It Was Easy" are my interpretations as well.

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Under the Hood: What's This All About?

What is Deedlecast?

Deedlecast is the weekly vanity podcast of the virtually unknown DJDeedle.  Every Friday, DJDeedle posts a 30 to 40 minute show, called a "Deedlecast," featuring mashup, chillout, downtempo, or dance mixes and remixes of every conceivable kind. Get your weekly Deedlecast by subscribing to the rss feed (, visiting, or subscribing via itunes for either Windows (itpc:// or Mac (pcast://

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Need help or to get in touch with DJDeedle?   Click this. 


 What Will I Hear?

Deedlecast comes in three delicious flavors, all of them fresh:

1. Mashup (a.k.a., "Bastard Pop") - a musical genre which, in its purest form, consists of the combination (usually by digital means) of the music from one or more songs with the acapella from another. Typically, the music and vocals belong to completely different genres. At their best, bastard pop songs strive for musical epiphanies that add up to considerably more than the sum of their parts.

2. Chillout/Downtempo - a kind of very smooth, electronic music whose intention is to interpret different melodies, beats, and vocals such that a relaxed mood is fostered or enhanced.

3. Dance - a vast and misunderstood genre of music encompassing categories such as house, disco, garage, trance, hip-hop, trip-hop, inter alia. The unifying concept, however, is to provide a siren call of beat and tempo that will make it impossible for the listener to sit still, whether it be tapping a foot, running on the treadmill, or actually dancing.

Dietary Caution: Some Deedlecasts may contain components that are raw or political; consumption of which may increase the risk of offense among [overly] sensitive individuals. DJDeedle assumes no responsibility, express or implied, if anyone is offended by Deedlecast, and firmly believes that any offense you might feel is something best taken up with your therapist. Any Deedlecast containing rude words will be labeled appropriately. Persons with nut allergies need not fear consumption of Deedlecast.

Legal Stuff: The majority of the music on this site has been, by my own free admission, created using non-sanctioned, copyrighted material of other artists. All audio material of this nature is for demonstration purposes only and, unless you own the copyright, should not be kept or redistributed. DJDeedle does not make any money from this and believes that the end-product is sufficiently different not to cause the original artists any financial hardship. However, DJDeedle will remove any file upon receipt of a written request to do so. Finally, if you like the music you hear on this site, please go out and buy something by the original artists - one hand washes the other. Remember, as always, past performance is no indication of future return.

Contact:  Need to reach DJDeedle? Feel free to leave a comment, or click here.  

Recommendations:  Dear friend, and Deedlecast fan from the beginning (and even before the beginning) Todd Mundt, listens to every episode, and each year lists his top ten favorites. Todd probably understands Deedlecast better than anyone else on the planet, besides DJDeedle of course.  Check out his picks for 2010:


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The Miracles of Computer Technology

 John Travolta, Olivia Newton John, Snoop Dogg, Aerosmith, Warrant, Run DMC, Simple Minds, Chic, the Cars, J Geils Band, Sting, Lionel Richie (what ever happened to him anyway) . . . It's like an entire radio station in here. This podcast is utterly unexpected, thanks to the miracles of computer technology and mashupology. As my friend, Gavin, put it, "you never really know what you're going to get." DJDeedle stands on the shoulders of the real masters who spun things called "records," like DJ Shelley Pope, (a.k.a., the Black Pope, the self-proclaimed "Human Radio Station"). Mr. Pope appears in a DJDeedle original dub of "The Beamer - Spacer" courtesy of a dumpster dive into the WFMU audio archives.

This Deedlecast runs 29:38.

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