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This week's Deedlecast steps out of our normal space-time continuum, and explores other dimensions -- dimensions unbounded by the spatial length, depth, height, and durational constraints we live in every day. Join DJDeedle as he goes interdimensional.


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This week, there's a new sound in Funky Town.  It's the finale of 80s in April.  Once again, DJDeedle rewinds you to the sounds of the 80s, but with a 21st Century flavor.  

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Off the Record


In the 1980s, the days of the record album were eclipsed by the cassette tape, with a new kind of hiss, fast forward, and rewind.  The age of the boom box dawned, and soon we were almost entirely off the record.  


This week DJDeedle, through digital means, pulls some of those sounds previously trapped in desultory analog off the record and off the tape, bringing them together, minus the hiss, with sounds of a new era.  Love it or hate it. Say what you want about 80s music, it's all off the record. 

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MTV Generation


DJDeedle remembers fondly that day back in the 80s when video killed the radio star.  Music videos were something new and amazing, and MTV arrived on the scene to provide them to us on cable. But not for everyone. One had to beg the local cable company to carry MTV.  

To be truly part of the MTV generation, one has to remember the excitement when MTV dawned, and VJs ruled the television, serving us hour after hour of brit pop, synth pop, new wave, rock, and even some mainstream rap (and ultimately some hip-hop).  New artists, like Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Bryan Adams, and Thomas Dolby arrived on our screens, daily.  And groups like Yaz, U2, Duran Duran, Wham, the Cure, the Smiths, and the Police echoed from every school dance, prom, and boom box.  


This week, DJDeedle salutes his generation, the MTV generation.  We're responsible for all those one-hit wonders from the 80s we now hear in elevators and waiting rooms everywhere.  

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


Perhaps slightly more that most Deedlecasts, this week's show may have you thinking "WTF?" Well, April Fool's Day was yesterday, and DJDeedle can't let that pass without subjecting you to a collection of gems. And yes, there is even some tango.

Keep you ears alert for the sensual groove of DJDeedle's friend Harold Pichol.  Harold's story, along with his other musical and artistic works  (in their unmashed form) are available at his website: Check him out.

Also, you can follow him on twitter: @Har0ld


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