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The Big Room

While some sounds are perfect for intimate gatherings and smaller settings, some are just made for the big room.  It isn't just acoustics and sound levels - bass, treble, and midrange.  It is also the energy, the highs, the lows and everything in the spaces in between. A big room needs a big sound, and big sound demands to be heard in the big room.  This week, Tardis style, DJDeedle's squeezed the big room sound into the small speakers, earphones, and earbuds.  No need to deal with lines or crowds at the club.  Your own personal Big Room sound is here for you right now in your ears.  

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Out of nowhere, a welcome summer chill materializes.  Cool, refreshing, and totally unexpected, this week's Deedlecast is a much deserved chillout experience.  Consider it your own personal cool front.  

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You are about to experience something strange and uncanny.  Enter the world of your subconscious, unlocked not by crystals, talismans, or tarot card, but by the uncanny sounds of Deedlecast. 

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This week, it's gone all Skitchy on Deedlecast. Glitches, broken melodies, and scraps of sound collide and coalesce into complex but coherent harmonies.  

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Musikiki (Single)

The Scissor Sisters want us to have a "Kiki." But you just can't have the perfect Kiki without the right music?  What is a "kiki" you ask? Listen in, and find out.

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