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Subliminal Sentiment

Cheap sentiment is like cheap champagne: it should be mixed with something fresh. And because a little sentiment goes a long way, this week, DJDeedle keeps the sentiment on the down low by mixing the emotions and mashing the feelings with the freshest sounds around.   

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This week, Deedlecast collides with the hit series, "Glee," to create an even richer explosion of musical expression.  Whether you love or hate the overproduced and cheesy show, Gleeks and antiGleeks alike will love DJDeedle's take on the "Glee" sound.  

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Out Loud

Don't hide your light under a bushel, they say. So this week, no quiet asides, no sotto voce, DJDeedle's saying it loud and proud. 

They say that silence speaks volumes. But, volume gets you heard.  Turn up the volume and live it out loud. 

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Last week DJDeedle gave you the light touch.  This week, it's time to throw in a little grit.  Phat beats and gritty rhythms collide in this week's Deedlecast.  This could get very messy. Gritty never felt so good. 

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