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Forgotten Dubs
They say memory is the first thing to go.  DJDeedle has probably forgotten more dubs than he ever actually knew.  This week's Deedlecast presents just a few of these forgotten gems, including one of the first mashups he ever made: (bjork v. Enigma v. Moby v. countless others). 

DJDeedle hopes these dubs won't soon be forgotten.

n'oubliez pas: this Deedlecast has a rude word in it
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Tuning in Around the World

Believe it or not, Deedlecast is a truly global phenomenon.  According to the visitation stats for, listeners tune in from all over the U.S., it's possessions, and countries like the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Bangladesh.  

DJDeedle salutes all his listeners, regardless of their geography, with this special Deedlecast. 

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The Future of Nostalgia

DJDeedle brings you tomorrow's nostalgia today.  Welcome to the future of nostalgia.  No matter your generation, this Deedlecast has those songs you remember, mashed with those songs you'll pine for tomorrow.

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Many Flavors, One Mix

As the mid-August heat settles upon us, DJDeedle brings you a Deedlecast of many flavors served in the same dish.  Enjoy.  But enjoy it slowly so you'll taste all the different flavors and avoid brain freeze. 

Caution:  This flavorful mix has a rude word in it. 
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Hooked on Stereophonics
Stereophonic sound:  it seems commonplace today, but there is much more to it than meets the ear.  This week DJDeedle explores stereophonic sound, and promises that if you pay close attention you too will be hooked on stereophonics. 

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