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Tempo Novo

Back from the slower tempo of the islands, DJDeedle changes the tempo back to east coast time this week on Deedlecast.  Can you keep up? 
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Ambience Chasers

Many of you may remember Ambience Chasers from the days when DJDeedle worked in the cd format.  This is a Deedlecast length cut from the full album. 

Sit back, relax, and pause from your pursuit of pure ambience. 
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Deedlecast comes to you this week and next from the beautiful island of Kaua'i, where your dj and the long-suffering one are basking in the sun and taking to the waves.  One of our favorite island activities, surfing, is a way of life for many Hawaiians.  This Deedlecast is devoted entirely to the music of surfing.  As you listen, picture yourself riding the perfect wave to a perfect beach. 

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After 11:00

Developed from some of DJDeedle's live performances, this Deedlecast is designed for the After 11:00 PM crowd.  It's a little rock, a little hip-hop, bit of disco, and a touch of rap, just the mix to move the dinner crowd to the bar. 

But with Deedlecast, you don't need to wait until after 11:00 to enjoy it.

Note:  The kids should be in bed well before 11:00PM, so they won't hear any of the rude words appearing in this Deedlecast. 

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