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The holiday season can make us all feel a little crazy with all the family time, year-end pressures, seasonal affective disorder, and other demands on our sanity.  This week, DJDeedle's got just the thing to help you work through your "issues." Obsession, depression, egomania, narcissism, parental problems, the bad breakup, regret, repressed feelings, inner rage . . . it's all wrapped up in one therapy session. Though it's not covered by your insurance, this session is the only one you'll need and it's absolutely free.  

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DJDeedle's transformed funk music into a sound for the 21st Century.  Only the freshest beats are used here to create a groove like you've never heard before.  "FunkyFresh" captures the very heart and soul of funk music that makes it timeless and always fresh. 

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Eleventh Power

This week, DJDeedle gives you the power, the "Eleventh Power." It's 11/11/11 only once in every thousand years, and in honor that millennial occurrence, this week's Deedlecast harnesses the power of that prime number.  

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Elixir 104

Hand brewed from only the finest ingredients, some secret and some not so secret, Elixir 104 is the cure whatever has you down. No artificial colors or flavors, this mixture will put the color back in your cheeks.  Sound so sweet, you won't mind taking your medicine. This is no silly energy drink - it is energy istelf. Drink up! 

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