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Plant Talk


Do you find that you are often too busy to talk to your plants, especially during this busy and critical springtime period?  This busy DJ has the same problem.  That's why DJDeedle has outsourced his plant talk to Molly Roth, who has so kindly recorded her soothing voice to encourage plants to grow in healthy and happy ways, and scold plant owners who treat them improperly. 

DJDeedle feels that most all lifeforms, both flora and fauna, not only benefit from Ms. Roth's voice, but mashups as well.  I hope the combination of the two has you flowering and branching out to your fullest potential.


Special thanks to WFMU for providing the incomparable Molly Roth. 

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Everything Old Is New Again


Pastiche (pas-'tEsh) �¢?? n. (from Italian pasticcio) 1. a literary, artistic, musical, or architectural work that imitates the style of previous work; also: such stylistic imitation 2. a musical, literary, or artistic composition made up of selections from different works




For many of the same reasons DJDeedle loves mashup music, he also loves pastiche. Actually, mashup is pastiche under the second definition above. Good pastiche crosses time as well as musical genre. This week's Deedlecast is dedicated to this type of music that lets us straddle years, decades, and even centuries.


  1. Symphony Sid Announces the Band (Live) - Miles Davis
  2. Is You or Isn't You My Baby? (Rae and Christian Remix) - Dinah Washington
  3. Yesterday Was a Lie - T�?�©l�?�©popmusik
  4. Glory Box - Porstishead
  5. Don't Explain (Dzihan and Kamien Remix) - Billie Holiday
  6. The Child (Album Version) - Alex Gopher (feat. Billie Holiday)
  7. Sinnerman (Deedle's Plenary Mix) - Nina Simone
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Come Tangerine Together


Just a quickcast of a mashup I just created and needed to send a link to someone.  This is Tears for Fears' "Who Killed Tangerine" versus "Come Together" by the Beatles, and also a version of "Come Together" done by Bobby McFerrin (you know the "Don't Worry, Be Happy" guy). 

This mashup was featured on Episode 160 of Some Assembly Required. Please click through and listen to the episode and don't miss an episode of "Some Assembly Required," one of DJDeedle's favorite podcasts on the intertubes. 
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Deedlecast's Got the Groove


 Chillout is a musical genre well-known to DJDeedle, as his dj'ing interest was first piqued by a set of disks released by Ministry of Sound under that description. DJDeedle especially likes the genre because it encompasses such a wide variety of musical styles, from traditional jazz and pop, to hip-hop, trip-hop, disco, funk, world music, house, fusion, and acid jazz. It isn't so much the individual songs themselves that make them fall into the chillout category. Rather, it is the juxtaposition and interweaving of the disparate types of music that creates the ultimate effect, something greater than the individual songs themselves. Much like mashup music, but on a larger scale. Thus, it is quite the enjoyable challenge to create. This Deedlecast features the work of The Grooveblaster who describes his music thusly:

". . . rhythms and melodies are rooted in cosmopolitan pop and downtempo grooves, so it's hard to tell where 'song' ends and 'version' begins, where message ends and music begins, where agony ends and ecstasy kicks in."


With the greatest respect for The Grooveblaster's vision, DJDeedle has mixed the songs up a bit, and added a DJDeedle nudge or tweak here and there.
  1. Si Mi Caballero - Francoise Hardy Grooveblaster
  2. I Get Lifted - George McCrae
  3. Walk On By (Grooveblaster mix) - Dionne Warwick
  4. Smooth as Silk (Deedle's Interlude dub) - The Grooveblaster
  5. I Wish I Never Saw Sunshine - Beth Orton and The Grooveblaster
  6. In 1977 (When Josie Comes Home) - The Grooveblaster
  7. Charles Mingus - Love Chant - The Grooveblaster
  8. Romantic is the New Fantastic (Deedle's Cinemagraphic dub) - The Grooveblaster


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Show Respect for Michael

Regardless of how very truly bizarre DJDeedle thinks Michael Jackson is today, in Michael's childhood with the Jackson 5 and the part of his adulthood during the height of his solo career, Jacko was quite uniquely talented. Just as we should not confuse the drug-addled and overweight Elvis of the 1970's with the young talented king of rock and roll, we should not allow Jackson's present day resident alien status to obscure the many great songs of Jacko's best days.

Given the great body of mashup work out there based on Jackson's most loved songs, many mashup artists apparently agree with DJDeedle. It was quite the challenge to whittle the huge number of excellent Jackson bootlegs down to this 30 minute Deedlecast.


  1. Show Respect for Michael Jackson - James Kochalka Superstars
  2. MJ v. PCD - Aggro1 and Sam Flanagan
  3. Eminem v. Michael Jackson v. Justin -
  4. Robbie Over Jacko Under Pressure - Go Home Productions
  5. Michael Remembers Cheryl - c.h.a.o.s. Productions
  6. Justin Loves Jacko - Go Home Productions
  7. Michael Jackson v. Cookie Monster - Ted Shred
  8. The Thriller Thong - Sisqo Jackson
  9. Bad It On - Michael Jackson v. T.Rex
  10. Jackson 5 v. Celldweller - Aggro1
  11. Billy Jean - Shinehead

The usual warning: A few of the songs contain a rude word or two.


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