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North by Northwest
Though the tunes in this Deedlecast have nothing to do with Alfred Hitchcock's classic movie, North by Northwest, the show starts with one of DJDeedle's favorite cheesy Cary Grant double entendre movie lines.

Phillip Vandamm: What possessed you to come blundering in here like this? Could it be an overpowering interest in art?

Roger Thornhill: Yes, the art of survival. 

This week's show is intended both to satisfy your overpowering interest in art, as well as helping you survive.

For those of you who, like DJDeedle, can't get enough of Alfred Hitchcock's genius, try Music for Murder, from June 22 of 2007. 

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Hero Effect
Heroes, the NBC television series people who possess unique genetic mutations giving them unusual, sometimes bizarre, abilities, returns for its new season on Monday.   

This week, DJDeedle uses his bizarre abilities to bring you your very own hero effect. 

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We are a country of icons.  Yet we only seem to really see them after they've gone.  This week, DJDeedle mixes and mashes up icons of song, stage, and screen.  Woven into the fabric of American culture, these voices and sounds help to define who we are, whether we like it or not. 

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Adrift in A major

It's Labor Day weekend, the traditional, as opposed to astronomical, end of the summer season.  We have this weekend to relax before our hectic Autumn schedule begins.  So, DJDeedle's decided we all need to chill out, and he's got just the sound to put you there.  This week, DJDeedle sets you adrift in the key of A major. 

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