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Flashback: Frequency Response

Frequency response is the measure of any system's output spectrum in response to an input signal. But you do not need to worry about the details, DJDeedle has all the frequencies responding just the way they should.  This week, you'll want to keep your frequencies clear, because DJDeedle plans to use all of them. 

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Flashback: Glitch

Even the smoothest running system can encounter a glitch or two. In digital music, bit rate reduction, digital distortion, hardware noise, computer bugs, crashes and system errors can ruin an otherwise flawless musical composition or performance, and be the source of endless agony and frustration.  But sometimes, used in the right way, glitches can work a kind of magic on an otherwise mundane sound.  

What is interesting about the glitch aesthetic is that it is hard to tell sometimes what sounds are "erroneously" produced, and which are intentional.  

This week's Deedlecast is presented in its unedited entirety, glitches and all, and hopefully better for it.  


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Flashback: DiscoTech

Rumors of the demise of disco are greatly exaggerated. Disco never died, it just went high tech.  It's disco time on Deedlecast. But, as you might expect, not your old fashioned disco sound. DJDeedle's breathed new life into the disco sound using 21st Century technological magic.


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Flashback: Rewind

This week, we flash back to yet another classic Deedlecast, and one of DJDeedle's ver favorite.  "Rewind," from April of 2010, is just what it says on the tin - a romp through those radio classics from the 70s, 80s, and 90s we all know and love.  


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