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Mr. Seduction art


He woke us up before we go-go, told us we had to have faith, taught us to listen without prejudice, and had us praying for time, all while desperately wanting our sex. George Michael was taken from us far too soon, along with so many other legends in 2016.  This week, DJDeedle presents a short, but sweet, sexy, and seductive tribute to Mr. Seduction himself, the legendary George Michael. 


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Eleventh Hour Art


This week, we celebrate eleven years of Deedlecast. That's eleven years of facing the music together.  This hour-long episode has chills, thrills, spills, and a full-on party like it's 1999. 





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Deedlecast Detour Art


It's not a wrong turn. It's a detour. This little detour will take you to a level of fun you've never been to before. Give it a try. See where you end up!

Note - there are some rude words in this one! 



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