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Musicogenic Seizures

Musicogenic epilepsy is a form of reflex or affective epilepsy, and involves autonomic, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional reactions to selected musical stimuli.  The associated musicogenic seizures are generally believed to be caused by the juxtaposition of musical sounds and frequencies that are incomprehensible to the human brain, or that evoke emotional reactions shocking to the psyche. 

Sound frightening?  It's just the normal state of things on Deedlecast, and this week's Deedlecast is designed to get all your synapses firing:  This is your brain on music.  If you happen to be prone to such seizures, please refrain from enjoying Deedlecast while driving or operating heavy machinery.  

Also, if a rude word or two flips your switch, be warned there are a few in this show. 
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Portmanteau Portmanteau

Inflected Form(s):
plural port·man·teaus or port·man·teaux \-(ˌ)tōz\
1: a large suitcase
: a word or morpheme whose form and meaning are derived from a blending of two or more distinct forms or words
(as smog from smoke and fog)
Middle French portemanteau, from porter to carry + manteau mantle, from Latin mantellum — more at port
This week's show takes a quieter, mellower tone. The components of this Deedlecast are each blends of two or more distinct sounds or songs, portmanteaux themselves.

In fact, even the words Deedlecast and podcast are portmateaux.
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Mixtape Essential
Once the cornerstone of hand-made mixing, the art of the mixtape essentially has been lost, a casualty of sometimes cruel technological progress and fickle fashion.  Somehow, a drag-and-drop iTunes playlist just doesn't have the magic of a lovingly and painstakingly crafted mixtape labored over for hours in unglamorous real-time analog.  The casette tape has gone the way of the dodo, and even the compact disk rides off into the technological sunset. 

But there is life after life for the mixtape in the virtual afterworld: a place where every song is selected with utmost care, enjoyed in real-time, every minute savored, and variety and innovation transcending what many saw as the cramped and archaic medium of the cassette tape.   DJDeedle presents the mixtape essentials.  A salute to cassette culture. 

Caution:  As with any good mixtape, there are few choice words in this one.

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The Hepcat Club
Hipsters, flipsters, and finger-poppin' daddies -- knock me your lobes.

Hipster or Hepcat, as used in the 1940s, referred to aficionados of jazz, in particular modern jazz, which became popular in the early '40s. The hipster adopted the lifestyle of the jazz musician, including their manner of dress, slang terminology, use of cannabis and other drugs, relaxed attitude, sarcastic humor, self-imposed poverty, and relaxed sexual codes.

What does it mean to be hip? The hip thing is to be able to perform the exactly appropriate action at all times, and that not easy, daddio. When in doubt, be cool. That's all there is to it.

Regardless of whether you are hepcat or a square, this week, DJDeedle's got you covered and will get you into this 21st Century reinterpretation of the Hepcat Club.

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