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Transporter Room 2

Grab your communicator, phaser, tricorder, and that weird spinny lipstick thing Dr. McCoy uses, and report to Transporter Room 2 for immediate transport to another unexplored part of the Deedleverse.  Trust me, you'll be going to a place vastly more fun than that purple-sky planet on the Paramount backlot.  

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This Deedlecast, "Metropolis," is inspired by the recent news that key scenes from the controversial and somewhat inscrutable 1927 silent film,"Metropolis," have been rediscovered in Argentina.  Upon its initial release, according to Zeitmagazin, "the film flopped with critics and audiences alike. Representatives of the American firm Paramount considerably shortened and re-edited the film. They oversimplified the plot, even cutting key scenes. The original version could only be seen in Berlin until May 1927 – from then on it was considered to have been lost forever."  

Cutting key scenes and re-editing the film had the effect of making its true meaning opaque and the film nearly incomprehensible; but it created a haunting and mysterious work of cinematic art.  With these new scenes, the mystery of the true meaning of the film "Metropolis" and the controversy that has surrounded the timeless film since 1927 may finally have been laid to rest.  With the passing of this mystery, DJDeedle feels that the world loses something intangible, yet valuable, and creates a "Metropolis" soundscape filled with inscrutable and controversial electronic aural inputs he hopes are worthy of the look, feel, and mystery of this enduring cinematic masterpiece.  

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Mad wicked Photoshop skills courtesy of Chris Spinosa

Modern demands and technology have made us all robots of one kind or another these days. But even robots need music. Not unlike ourselves, songs of love, loneliness, lust, loyalty, longing, and loss nourish their circuits and gears. No matter what kind of robot you happen to be, this Deedlecast will speak to you. All robots depicted in this Deedlecast are purely fictional, and have no relation to me.

This Deedlecast features a treatment of Weekend Players' "I'll be There for You." Take a moment and revisit DJDeedle's arrangment of this same song at Tu ne's pas oublie.

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Most US telephone customers are familiar with Jane Barbe (pronounced "Barbie") (July 29, 1928—July 18, 2003).  Even though few of us ever met her, we have all heard her voice many times and know her as the "Telephone Lady" or the "Time Lady."  Jane Barbe was an American voice actress who did the later voice recordings for the Bell System.  Her voice is heard by millions of people every day speaking for the telephone networks (changed numbers, disconnects, circuits busy, etc.), Bell Laboratory computers, The National Bureau of Standards, announcing ETC's Audichron® (formerly Audichron Company) time, temperature, and weather services, and on many voice mail systems nation wide. Her predecessor was Mary Moore, who was known for using a distinctive pronunciation of 9 (Ny-un) and 5 (Fy-uv).  The distintive pronunciation was required because, on a poor quality line, "nine" and "five" can sound very similar.

DJDeedle dedicates this Deedlecast to these telephonic legends. 

Just note.  Those too young to remember who "Ma Bell" was may be too young for some of the language in this podcast. 

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