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A Dinner of Hors D'oeuvres

Very little in the way of whole songs here.  Rather, DJDeedle serves you a hundred distinct and different flavors, a different taste in every bite.  This 31 minute meal is on the light side, a perfect summertime dish for your ears. 

Bon appetit!

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Missy Mash

Never let it be said that DJDeedle does not listen to his listeners.  A loyal listener (from as far back as the days when DJDeedle only worked in CD format) loves Missy Elliott.  In his honor, the dj presents this week's Deedlecast, half an hour of Missy mashups. 

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Witness the Fitness

As many of you know, DJDeedle, along with the long suffering one and two dear friends of ours, are training for the Washington DC AIDS Marathon (aka Marine Corps Marathon).  Although the torture of the training and the actual marathon are enough incentive, the real reason we are doing this is to raise money for the Whitman Walker Clinic, here in DC.  As many of you know, the Clinic is the DC area's leading provider of direct medical care, food, housing, legal services, and other important services for those who have HIV or AIDS and don't have the means to pay.  The Clinic was DJDeedle's neighbor for several years, and this dj has volunteered quite a lot of hours there.  I can vouch for how vitally important their work is, and how truly grateful their clients are. 


As one might imagine, this marathon requires quite a bit of training, consisting mainly of long runs.  Fortunately, because Deedle possesses dj powers, he can make his own running mixes. This week Deedle presents just one of the many continuous musical works that keeps him running when the feet say, "no," the knees protest, and there are still miles left to run. 


If you are so inclined, please stop by the Deedlecast team page ( and make a contribution.*   We appreciate it, and so do the clients of the Whitman Walker Clinic. 


 *Since we participants and the Marine Corps pay for all the expenses of the event, every cent our training team raises goes to support the Clinic.  Also, your contributions are fully deductible. 


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Like It Was Yesterday

C-C-C-Catch the Wave!

Let's revisit the 1980s! Not the Iran-Contra, Ivan Boesky, "mutually assured destruction," yuppies, Ronald Reagan, "Back to the Future," New Coke, Cabbage Patch dolls 1980s. I mean the MTV 1980s.

Remember all that great music? DJDeedle does too, just like it was yesterday.

This week's 40-minute extravaganza is a continuous mix of mashups of 80s artists from the Bangles, Robert Palmer, Hall & Oats, and Gary Newman, to David Byrne, Dead or Alive, ABC, and Human League. 

Deedlecast respectfully requests that you leave the collars on your polo shirts down! 

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Get Down Tonight

Rumors of the death of disco have been exaggerated for decades. As we all know, or should know, disco is a purely urban sound whose innovation made possible the rap, hip-hop, house, techno, and trance music we have today.

Disco lurks everywhere in modern music. But in this week's Deedlecast, modern music lurks in disco. So, put on your white satin jumpsuit with the wing collar and "get down tonight."


Note:  There's a rude word in this Deedlecast. 

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