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June 28 -- DJDeedle Live at the Duplex

I know it's short notice, but if you happen to be free tomorrow night, Saturday the 28th, please join DJDeedle at the Duplex Diner for delicious food, cocktails, and live Deedlecast.  DJDeedle tunes will be starting at 9:30 and will continue until close.

2004 18th Street NW (18th and U Streets)

The Duplex and DJDeedle ask that you kindly leave your firearms at home.
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iPhone Envy
Just a year ago, on June 29, 2007, Apple shocked the world with the introduction of the ultimate hand-held gadget to date -- the Iphone.  And next week, Apple will release it's second edition of their ultimate do-dad. 

The Iphone is a unique phenomenon in the culture: simultaneously pretentious and geeky.  Its sleek tactile functionality has made it almost a fetish for owners, and powerfully envy inducing for the rest of us.  Though DJDeedle and the Long-Suffering-One have been helpless to resist the multitude of other Apple products, both computers and ipods, we have thus far resisted the Iphone Borg implants.  We've managed this for two reasons:  (1)  the Iphone is locked to AT&T wireless service; and (2) we like our ipods, and we like our cell phones, but we do not want them to be the same device.  The last thing DJDeedle needs is phonecalls interrupting his musical bliss.

This Deedlecast is dedicated to both the Iphone haves and have-nots

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A recording made by Thomas Edison in 1877 has long been thought to be the first artificially recorded sound.  It turns out, the first recordings were made in 1860 by Frenchman, Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville, using a Phonautograph.  The recording medium was merely paper covered in soot, so the sound literally emerges from smoke.   As a result of advances in audio technology, these phonautograph recordings can now be heard again using lasers which do not damage or degrade these precious artifacts. 

This Deedlecast starts with the very first sound ever recorded using the phonautograph (albeit altered quite a bit by dj magic).  There are some other similarly altered phonautographic bits and pieces sprinkled throughout the show.

Learn more about the phonautograph.

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I Am Me Cruel Summer Luv (Single)

DJDeedle loves the summer, but it's only the second week of June and already the summer's become cruel.  Happily, DJDeedle's longtime friend, and an extremely talented musician, Walter knows how to take Deedle's mind off the heat.  Walter is acquainted with not just DJDeedle, but other more bona fide musicians, and took the liberty of forwarding his Brion's mix/remix of Sean Paul's unreleased "Me Luv."  Of course, Deedle couldn't help himself and presents "I Am Me Cruel Summer Love," comprised of Brion's  "Me Luv" (with Sean Paul) v. Massive Attack's "I Am" v. Ace of Base's "Cruel Summer".

Many thanks, Brion, Walter, and, of course, Sean Paul.  When "Me Luv" is released, please buy it! 

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Fractal Lounge
DJDeedle welcomes you to the Fractal Lounge:  a setting of unusual melodies and intricate repeating patterns evolving into something entirely different and surprising. 

A fractal often has the following features:

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Let's Talk About Sex

Let's turn our attention to humankind's favorite subject, SEX. 

This Deedlecast contains adult themes and may not be suitable for listeners of all ages.

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