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Summer Squeeze

Labor Day weekend is the traditional end of the summer season. DJDeedle loves summertime. And this week, he's distilled the carefree joy of summertime into a tasty cool apéritif to toast away the season.  

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Forbidden Disco

All the best music is illegal. For too long now, the music industrial complex has told us what we should be listening to.  Time to break free, go underground, and indulge in that which is hidden and forbidden. Prepare yourself. The revolution is here.  

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This week, DJDeedle takes you on your very own magical Mixtery tour.  Everyone loves a good mystery, and this Deedlecast has so many twists, plot changes, and uexpected turns, you never know what's going to jump out of the shadows.  

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Island Time

Aloha and e komo mai (welcome) to the island!  Don't have the time or means to get to Hawaii this week? No worries. This week, DJDeedle whisks you away to his tropical island home. Remember, things on the island are a little differnent than you may be used to, and they definitely move at their own pace and happen in their own time - Island time. Mahalo nui loa for tuning in.  

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Wicked Beats

Oh those wicked 1980s. A decadent decade filled with scandal, greed, self indulgence -- and absolutely wicked music.  Those naughty 80s beats you love are some of the most enduring in all of music. Experience them again, but with a well earned 21st Century update, courtesy of DJDeedle.

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