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The Horror

Welcome to the frights and sounds of the first All Hallows Eve Deedlecast. Don't be afraid, you are not alone. Count Morbida and his lovely companion, Horribella, will be with you all the time. So will Sisqo, Michael Jackson, Vincent Price, Shannon, The Chordettes, Credence Clearwater Revival, and a host of others. Lots of horror movie tunes here.

And yes, that is the very eerie song from "the Shining" - "Midnight, the Stars and You," performed by the Ray Noble Orchestra.

DJDeedle's evil plan would have worked if not for those pesky kids.
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The Last Mile With the race just a couple of weeks away, your dj's thoughts have turned to the Marine Corps Marathon. 26 miles sounds like a long way. And believe me, it is.

But with the right tunes -- fast tempo when you need a push or slower when you want a break -- the time just flies by and the feet keep moving. DJDeedle presents another of the many mixes that keep his mind off his feet and knee joints. DJDeedle promises this is his last word on the marathon.

Programming Notes:

Prepare to be terrified next week for DJDeedle's Halloween Deedlecast.

Also, stay tuned for dates and times for DJDeedle's Sunday afternoon show in November at Washington, DC's finest diner, the Duplex.
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A Word from Our Sponsor

Don't worry, Deedlecast has not sold out and gone commercial.  Rather, this week's show features mashups of hits from the 1960s and 1970s, interspersed with authentic radio commercials from 1963.  DJDeedle thanks UBUWeb's 365 Day Project for collecting these commercial gems.   

Deedlecast does not endorse Maxwell House Coffee, Yellow Cab, or any of the other products or companies featured in the advertisements.


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Noise of Art

Art does not have to be pretty, nor does it have to be quiet.  This Deedlecast certainly is neither.  Also, I'm certain this is not what Justin Timberlake has in mind when he talks about bringing sexy back.  

Kelley Clarkson, AC/DC, Pink, Genesis, Skinny Puppy . . . plus those singing strippers, the Pussycat Dolls.  This could get downright ugly.

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