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Fusion Radio

Whether we like it or not, the digital age has turned all our media into one.  Radio, television, print, the Internet. It's all converged on the same spot.  When it comes to music, however, in our hearts radio still rules.  Radio, someone still loves you. 

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Jukebox Pop

What makes your jukebox pop?! This week, DJDeedle's put fist full of dimes in the old machine and mixed you up some serious sounds.  Stand back. The jukebox is about to explode! 

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80s A-Go-Go

How do you chase those autumn blues away? DJDeedle prescribes 80s music, and lots of it!  But, of course, this time around those oldies have been given a 21st century twist - Deedlecast style. You've got the classic Cher, Cindy Lauper, Whitney, Madonna, Huey Lewis, INXS, B-52s, Phil Collins, Boy George, Michael Jackson, etc. tunes you crave, but tossed together in a zesty salad of new and nostalgic sounds. Dig in, we've got plenty.   

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Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive, that iconic avenue of the South Beach scene, comes alive in your ears this week on Deedlecast.  What makes South Beach and Miami such amazing places is not just the dazzling confluence of people, languages, cultures, and styles from all over the world, but also the incredible music, exotic rhythms, and and wild tempos.  Picture yourself on a sultry night under the neon lights on Ocean Drive, the siren beat calling you to the party. 

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Kinetic Sound

What moves you? Well, yet again this week it's the music of Deedlecast. DJDeedle has put together a collection of sounds designed to put your mind and body in motion.  Get ready to get kinetic. 

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