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Fatal Wedding Crash (Single)
DJDeedle's so pissed off about the outcome of the Proposition H8 case in California that it's just put him off of weddings altogether.

Though Plan 9, implemented today, is a good start, DJDeedle thinks it's never too early to escalate. So, here's a special single lashing out at the unfairness of it all.  Listen and rage against the unbearable whiteness of weddings.

Though we may have crashed and burned in our fight against the bigotry in California, it's a nice day to start again. 

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Plan 9
We have lost our fight against California's hateful Proposition 8 at the polls and in the courthouse.  DJDeedle thinks it time to pull out all the stops for a change of plan against Prop 8.  It's time for Plan 9. 

It's sad that this was necessary, but we warned you.  Sleeper cells, get to work.   Unleash Plan 9, the ultimate gay bomb. 

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Kickin' It Summertime
This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start of the summer season.  So, on this holiday, it's time to switch gears and think about cookouts, trips to the pool and the beach, and tall cool cocktails to cut the heat.  While you are enjoying the summertime pace, and the traditional activities of the season, here are some summer toe-tappers to keep the rhythm right DJDeedle style. 

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We Americans love our pop stars.  But we are a fickle people, and today's idol is tomorrow's faded fashion.  This week, DJDeedle brings together some of our stars of the moment with pop idols from the past, some of whom may have outlasted their fifteen minutes of idolatry and become infamous classics. 

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Let the Attack Begin
The Cylons were created by man.

They rebelled.

They evolved.

They look and feel human.

Some are programmed to think they are human.

There are many copies.

And they really know how to throw down.

Get your inner Cylon on. 

Let the attack begin.

Warning:  This Deedlecast has some fracking feldercarb language in it. 
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Dramatic Silence
At last, you truly can enjoy the silence.  DJDeedle gives you the silent treatment the way it really should be served:  Dramatic. Very dramatic. 

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