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Music As it Is
In anticipation of the travel many of you will be doing this holiday week, DJDeedle brings you music, not as it is, but as it should be.  Now, as you listen to this week's Deedlecast, you may be wondering where DJDeedle is taking you, and if perhaps he's made an incorrect turn somewhere.  Not to worry.  Keep you mind on your driving and your eyes on the road ahead.  Deedle won't steer you wrong. 

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Music for Murder
It is thought by some that murder rates increase during the spring and summer months as a result of the effect increased temperatures have on our tempers.  DJDeedle suspects that it isn't just the heat that makes us homicidally angry, but insufficiently fun music. 

Consider this week's Deedlecast the antidote for your summertime homicidal rage.

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What Shall We Play Next?
With your weekly dose of Deedlecast, there's never any need to worry about what to play next.  Let DJDeedle take care of that.  Don't have time to listen to the hours of music you enjoy?  No worries.  DJDeedle makes your listening exciting, unexpected and efficient.  With Deedlecast, you can hear one, two, six, ten, or even more pieces of music or artists in the same podcast, or even the same song. 

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Cool Summer

Summer has arrived, and so has the heat.  Deedlecast takes a break from mashups and beat driven sounds and provides you with a defense against the sultry weather -- a freshly sliced salad of cool, crisp tunes. 

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Love or Money
"For the Love of Money"  Artwork by tangledweb

Love and money. We can't live without either; but chasing them can lead to a lot of misery.

Don't forget that DJDeedle chases neither love nor money tonight, but art, poetry, and literature at the SpeakeasyDC CD Launch Party tonight at Local 16.

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