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Tomorrow is Halloween, and DJDeedle has produced a Deedlecast to frighten and delight.  The horror movie genre has brought us so many deliciously terrifying moments, Deedle just couldn't pass up exploring the music of horror film. 

Need to keep that terrified feeling?  Try these Halloween themed Deedlecast specials from years past:

Note: "Horrify" was featured on the most excellent blog, Synthopia, today!

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Groove Electric
This week DJDeedle plugs you into the Groove Electric; a dynamic sound designed to energize you during these short autumn days. 

Need more musical volts?  Try:

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This week, we're on full automatic in the hands of the computers.  Just sit back, and let DJDeedle and his processors do all the work.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride. 

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Capucine Substitute (Single)
Through the magic of Twitter, DJDeedle's had the great fortune of finding the work of Harold Pichol.  Harold's musical creation, "Capucine," has a sensual groove, and DJDeedle just couldn't resist tinkering with it, and mix/mashing it with Madonna's sensual groove, "Substitute for Love."

Harold's story, along with his other musical and artistic works, are available at his website:  Check it out.

Also, you can follow him on twitter: @Har0ld

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Binary Beat Experiment
Come into Deedlecast Laboratories and hear what DJDeedle's cooked up for you.  This week, it's a collection of beats ranging from the rock, reggae, and R&B variety to beat break, metal, dub, hipop, and jazz. 

Remember, as Richard Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the Bucky Ball,  famously said, “There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes.”

This week's Deedlecast experiment is just one of those unexpected outcomes.

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"Every great truth begins as a blasphemy."  
-- George Bernard Shaw

"Irreverence is the champion of liberty." 
-- Mark Twain

Wednesday, September 30 was International Blasphemy Day, the day to thumb your nose at religion.  Clearly something as fun as blasphemy should not be confined to only one day. So, this week DJDeedle touches the third rail of any discourse, religion.  Though DJDeedle is most decidedly a skeptic and nonbeliever, utterly and firmly unchurched, he realizes that artists throughout the ages, including musicians, have included religious images and references in their creations. 

Modern musicians from Depeche Mode to Johnny Cash and the Doobie Brothers and Kanye West have included references to Jesus in their works, and others like Jesus and Mary Chain and MC 900 Foot Jesus even included everyone's favorite imaginary friend in their band names.   If these august artists can take liberties with religion, so can DJDeedle.   Exercising your freedom of and from religion can be fun, and above all, entertaining. 

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