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House is a Feeling
House music has been described as a very rhythmically based electronic or synthesized music that uses a continuous, repeating (usually also electronically generated) 4/4 bassline. Typically added to this foundation are electronically generated sounds and samples of music such as jazz, blues and synth pop, as well as additional percussion.

Your humble dj knows that this definition just doesn't really capture the essence of the musical genre.  Rather, anyone who really understands house music knows that "House is a Feeling." 

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Holy Bijou

This week, DJDeedle defiles the music of the movies.  Holy bijou! Is nothing sacred?

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DJDeedle Live at the Duplex, March 24

Join DJDeedle this Saturday, March 24, from 9:00PM until closing at the Duplex Diner for another installment of Deedlecast Live. 

Come early for dinner and stay for cocktails, conversation, and DJDeedle mashes and mixes. 

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Urban Myths

This week DJDeedle delves into the urban sound.  These musical children of the city streets encompass such innovative and culturally significant genres as jazz, hip-hop, R&B, rap, and disco.  Truly urban sounds.  

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Miss Jackson
Miss Jackson, If You're Nasty.

Just when you may have been asking, "DJDeedle, what have you done for me lately," voila! a whole Deedlecast of Janet mashes and mixes. 

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DJDeedle Live at the Duplex, March 10

Join DJDeedle at 9:00PM at the Duplex Diner (at the intersection of 18th and U Streets NW) on Saturday, March 10, for another live Deedlecast. 

As if the music, food, friends, cocktails and cozy neighborhood diner atmosphere weren't enough reason to stop by, DJDeedle will also unveil Deedlecast Video. 

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Carnival of Oddities
DJDeedle invites you to his carnival of oddities - the strange and unusual, magical and mysterious.  Hurry, hurry!  Don't miss it! 

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