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Mood Underground (Deedlecast's 5th Anniversary)


Welcome to Deedlecast's 5th Anniversary show.  We've come a long way together over those 260 shows and 28 singles.  This week, DJDeedle takes you on a ride on the Mood Underground.  The Mood Underground is free of charge. Yet, no mood, no matter how high or low, is without some cost.  DJDeedle's Mood Underground runs every day, with nonstop service to all your favorite emotions.  All are welcome aboard.  


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This week, DJDeedle elevates the discourse, taking the musical fun to an entirely new level.  Going up! All aboard!

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On February 8, 1974, the final astronaut crew of the orbiting Skylab splashed down.  Sadly, Skylab, humankind's first foray into inhabiting space, would tumble to Earth in 1979.  This week, DJDeedle honors the memory of the star of 1970s science with some 21st Century sounds.  All the fun of being in orbit, without the messy burning up in the atmosphere.



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This week on Deedlecast, droids, robots, and automatons: the marriage of music and machine.  With the proper programming and motivation, lubricated by creativity, and powered by a spark of innovation, automation can be a form of art.    

Want more DJDeedle robotica? Try iRobot (9/12/2008) and DJDroid (6/1/2010).



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