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Out Campaign


 Yes you are. 

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Twisted Digital

Once again DJDeedle fiddles with the ones and zeros to bring you the finest twisted digital can offer. 

Note:  This podcast contains a rude byte here and there.

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Shouting At Me

Are you talking to me?  Let the shouting begin.

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With all the kids now back in school, DJDeedle decided they deserved a short break from their academic rigor.  Your dj has vivid memories of coming home from elementary school, and watching cartoons in the afternoon with the younger brother. So, DJDeedle presents "Cartoonish," a  collection of cartoony-tunes and cartoon-inspired riffs.

Note:  This Deedlecast, unlike most of the others, is Rated G, and suitable for children of all ages.  Parents, please monitor the volume on your child's mp-3 player. Oh, and everyone, please don't forget to brush your teeth. 

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The Hard Way

Trust the DJ.  Sometimes it's just better if you do it the hard way. 
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