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Beat Directive

Thanksgiving is behind us, and the stressful and busy holiday season is in full swing.  DJDeedle directs you to take it easy, relax, have a little fun.  This week's "Beat Directive" is all about getting you moving, bringing your stress level down, and above all having fun.  



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Radio Express

This week, classic radio sound with a DJDeedle twist.  Get it right away. Don't settle for second best, get Radio Express.  

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Moxie. Either you have it or you don't.  This week, DJDeedle'd added a healthy dose of Moxie to your weekly dose of do-si-do.  So, get ready for big tunes, big fun, and big surprizes.  


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It's time to live your life in HiFi.  This week, an all new #Deedlecast in hi-def hi-fi.  DJDeedle's applied new technologies and techniques to bring the clearest, cleanest, sound for your musical enjoyment.



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