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Anti-Social Networking Social networking is among the many things, like identity theft and pop-up advertising, made simpler and easier by modern digital technology.  It is not that we didn't meet people or stay in touch with friends and family before the internet connected us all to spam and Youtube. But with all this new connectivity, even staying in touch with people and meeting new people has been streamlined and systematized, and made almost instantaneous and compulsive.  The trouble is that with Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and all the other networks, being privy at all times to our connections' many thoughts, moods, exclamations, whims, concerns, causes, photos, home videos, humors, disappointments, and the other detritus of the human endeavor can be vexing and overwhelming to say the least.  

Sometimes receiving an update a minute about the state of mind of the cousin of the woman who was college roommates with the girlfriend of the guy with whom you formed a punk band briefly in the 80s can put us to the saturation point of digital connectedness.  Today's Deedlecast speaks to the facebook frustration phenomenon.  

Even DJDeedle is not immune from social networking.  Want to follow the unselfconscious and shameless self promotion of DJDeedle?  Find him on Twitter at or Facebook at

Artwork courtesy of Chris Spinosa

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Closer (Deedle's Technoterror Mix) (Single)

Though we've famously been warned against it, DJDeedle's just a little proud of this techological terror he's constructed.  "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, with a little technology and techno added in by DJDeedle. 

Just a warning: It's Nine Inch Nails, you know, so there are some technically rude words in this single.

Artwork: Concept by DJDeedle, prodigious Photoshop skills courtesy of Chris Spinosa
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The Touch
"How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank.  Here we will sit, and let the sounds of music creep in our ears; soft stillness, and the night become the touches of sweet harmony."

William Shakespeare
"The Merchant of Venice"

Some of these songs have been touched lightly, some have been shoved around a bit.  All have been touched in some way or another.  Let the sweet sounds of music creep into your ears. 

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High Times
This week, DJDeedle invites you to step into the white room with black curtains near the station to experience the high times. 

Though High Times span generations, the clock always reads 4:20, and it's perpetually the time of the season to indulge in a little California dreaming.  Just a word of warning as you listen to this Deedlecast, there are a couple of rude words, and always remember what the doormouse said, "Keep your head!" 

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Precision Time
Ladies and gentlemen, synchronize your watches.  This week DJDeedle reaches across time to tie together the old and the new, the fresh and the dated, bringing them into precision alignment. 

Warning: you may hear some rude words from time to time in this Deedlecast. 
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Killing Me Softly (Deedle's Ramble) (Single)
Lots of old favorites packed in this single: Lauryn Hill, Roberta Flack, the Fugees, Phil Collins (in his Genesis days), Coolio (feat. L.V.), Bach, et al. 

Just good old fashioned fun, newly fashioned.

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Follow the Sun
It's Independence Day weekend, and many of you will likely be off to the beach or otherwise chasing the sun. So, this week DJDeedle provides you with a little collection of tunes to make both your journey and your destination enjoyable, even if following the sun doesn't figure into your plans.
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