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Flashback: Alt*Funk Alliance

The rebellious sounds of alternative rock and funk join forces this week, combining their strengths into a complex groove.  Electric bass and drums move front and center, with the distinctive beat of funk rock, funkcore, and electrofunk moving nicely through the mix. 

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Ancient yet modern, inviting yet forbidding, well studied yet mysterious, our planet's largest continent is a a tapestry of contrasts and contradictions, sewn together with hidden harmonies and unexpected ideas.  This week, a report from Deedlecast's Asia Bureau provides a glimpse of where the sweeping Asian epic has been and where it is going.


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Flashback: Automatica

This week, we're on full automatic in the hands of the computers.  Just sit back, and let DJDeedle and his processors do all the work.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride.


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Flashback: Acid.Funk.Digital

This week we flashback to another of DJDeedle's favorite classic Deedlecasts.  Acid.Funk.Digital was too caustic for funk, too funky for acid, and totally digital back in April of 2008.  It still is all those things and more in April 2014. 


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