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Virtual Hi Fi "Hi fi" is a term used by audiophiles to refer to high quality reproduction of sound, so free of noise and distortion, and so highly tuned with accurate frequency response as to be extremely faithful to the original performance. 

Though the component songs in this Deedlecast certainly were never performed quite like this originally,  DJDeedle stays faithful to their original spirit and provides them to you in virtual hi fi.

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This week DJDeedle turns technological lemons into a sweet surprise.  DJDeedle invites you to the Print\Jam.  Let the machines do their thing, and some familiar things may turn out in ways you'd never expect. 

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Synthetic Happy Ending
Everyone's story deserves a happy ending.  But when it looks like that it's just not in the cards, sometimes you just have to pull one from thin air. 

All's well that ends well.  And above all, no matter how fictional, end it well. 

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Zombie Culture
DJDeedle's back from the beach, back to work, totally jetlagged, and feeling a bit like  zombie.  But that's not so bad.  Despite their somewhat deserved reputation for being dead and spending most their time wandering the Earth eating people's brains, Zombies have a culture of their own, and often they really know how to seize the moment and party.  This week, soak up some Zombie culture.  It's anything but dead. 

A word of caution: This Zombiecast has a couple of rude words in it - but what do you expect from dead people?

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