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Charlie Brown Syndrome

The nation's elites, from politicians to leaders of business and finance, have been caught playing fast and loose with the rules.  More serious than smoking in the gym and calling the English teacher "Daddio," they've tarnished our national reputation, run up our bills, robbed our savings, and stalled our economy. Now that it's time to take them to task, they've all come down with Charlie Brown Syndrome, crying, "why is everybody always picking on me!?"  While we contemplate how to punish these scoundrels for their misdeeds, let's enjoy a little music, wait for our piece of the stimulus package, and watch the chickens come home to roost.

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Inevitable Eternal
A different sound, a change of style. Sooner or later, it happens to everyone. Sound collage, experimental melodies, classic songs made over, and some tinkering with the sublime sonics of the master of ambient drone, John Pemble.  DJDeedle uses some of Pemble's sublime sonics as the canvas on which to paint other melodies and mysterious, but beautiful, sounds. 

Can't get enough of John Pemble, check out his site and buy his sonics at

Can't get enough of Deedle mashing John Pemble's sonics, check out Deedle's John Pemble mash, Out of Time v. Intimate Softness.

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Coordinated Universal Time
As you listen to this week's Deedlecast, DJDeedle is very likely making the long journey across time zones from Eastern to Hawaiian.  With the start of daylight saving time last week, and all these time zones to consider this week, telling time is getting a bit confusing.  It doesn't matter what time it is or what time zone you happen to be in, because this week everyone is on Coordinated Universal Time.

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Next Friday, DJDeedle leaves for two weeks in Kauai.  But before then, there is much to do, work to be done, Deedlecasts to to be polished and posted.  Such a busy period requires a little self-imposed discipline.  This week DJDeedle subjects you to a strict regimen to keep you focused, on task, and above all things, busy.  DJDeedle demands determination and results.  Come correct and get wise to this track.  Step to it, yo!

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