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Exciting Interaction
Isn't it lovely when things work well together?  This week, DJDeedle brings together some primarily 80's sounds whose simple interaction should provide just the touch of excitement you need to pull you out of your day-after-holiday doldrums. 

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Xmas Frame of Mind

Even if your are like DJDeedle, and find the holiday season somewhat vexing, this time of year has its own magic, totally apart from any religious nonsense.  DJDeedle hopes this little twisted carol puts you in the right frame of mind to enjoy the season in your own way.  
If you just can't get enough of DJDeedle's holiday magic, check out these ghosts of Deedlecasts past.

Holly Jolly Syndicate

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Loving New York

There are as many ways to love New York as there are things to love about New York.  One of the things DJDeedle loves about New York is its sound.  In the same way the city's diverse inhabitants mix and mingle in to make New York one of the most extraordinary places on Earth, the diverse sounds and musical styles of the city, from the refined and classic to the gritty and cutting edge, come together into something compelling and fresh.  

Just how do you love New York?

Warning:  New York style language throughout this Deedlecast. 

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crys·tal·ize (krst-lz)

1. To coalesce into an extremely hard, ordered repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions.

2. To make clear and more comprehensible, and to take on a definite meaning.

DJDeedle liberally applies the Crystal Method to create a hard, ordered repeating pattern extending in all auditory dimensions.

This Deedlecast contains a couple of clearly rude words.

UPDATE 12/24/208:  This Deedlecast was featured on, a portal devoted to electronic music.

Check it out:

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