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She Blinded Me With Saturday All Night Long

Thanks to all the loyal Deedlecasters who came out to the Duplex last night.  The event was quite a success, and Eric, the owner of the Duplex, has decided to make Deedlecast Live a regular event.  I'll keep you posted on dates and times.

This song is a mashup single (Thomas Dolby v. Blowoff) I put together to be the night's "Saturday Song."  As many of you know, whenever the Saturday Song plays, Eric passes out a free round of tasty shots. 

The many requests to post this single mashup occasion this off-Friday post. 

Stay tuned to this space for details of what will be regular episodes of Deedle at the Duplex.   

Special thanks to Douglas for designing the new DJDeedle logo. 

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I Feel Mashed

Had enough mashed potatoes for the week?  Try some DJDeedle mashes. They're fun, wholesome, and guaranteed to be slimming! 

If you need further decompression after all that family time on Thanksgiving, stop by the Duplex Diner, located at 2004 18th Street NW, after 9:00pm on Saturday, November 25, for an encore of Deedlecast Live. 

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Into Space

According to NASA, November of 1982 was the first operational mission of the space shuttle.  At that time, the space shuttle, Columbia, deployed two satellites.

DJDeedle honors this auspicious date 24 years ago with this space-themed Deedlecast. 

Caution:  Some of those astronauts have some colorful language. 

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DJDeedle Live at the Duplex - Version 2.0 (11/25/2006)
DJDeedle will be Deedlecasting live at the Duplex Diner on Saturday evening, November 25.  After you've had your fill of turkey and Aunt Edna's marshmallow and jello salad, come to the Duplex for some Deedlecast and a cocktail or two to decompress. 
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DJ Troubleshoot Test

Live performance DJs bear the awesome responsibility of maintaining seemless quality sound, keeping an eye on all the tracks, channels, levels, volume, pan, fade, reverb, frequencies, gain, amplification, equalizers, etc.,while at the same time making sure everyone is having a good time. 

This week's Deedlecast give you a taste of the difficulties often encountered when an errant frequency exists in the system while the party continues.

Make sure to stop by the Duplex Diner this Sunday, November 12, from 3:00 to 7:00 pm, for DJDeedle's first live Deedlecast.  It's not to be missed! 

Deedlecast, friends, and a refreshing cocktail or two:  the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Duplex Diner
(18th and U Streets NW)
2004 18th Street NW
Washington, DC

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DJDeedle Live at the Duplex Diner, Sunday November 12

Please join DJDeedle for his live debut on Sunday, November 12, from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, at the Duplex Diner. The Duplex Diner is located at 2004 18th Street NW (the corner of 18th and U Streets in Adams Morgan).

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Return of the Beat

The beat never really leaves Deedlecast. Like a heartbeat, it's necessary to keep Deedlecast alive. This week, DJDeedle puts a stethescope to the heart of Deedlecast to amplify that beat. The beat should not be confused with the groove, and the groove with the beat. It's most important not to allow the beat to drown out the groove. As always, DJDeedle strives to keep the beat beating and the groove grooving.

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