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Conventional thinking is so very, well, conventional.  This week, we're not just thinking outside the box, we're shredding the box entirely.  It's time to embrace the unorthodox and the utterly unusual.  

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What's a deejay to do when he has hours and hours of Doctor Who incidental music and audio clips? Well, mash 'em up.  This week, DJDeedle injects a little Whovian charm into the show.  On television Doctor faces all manner of unearthly challenges, forces and foes.  This week, it's Doctor Who vs. the Backstreet Boys, Beastie Boys, Adele, and a host of others - including himself.  Each and every track of this week's show is infused with Whovianism.  Hop in the TARDIS and enjoy the ride. 

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Spanish Fly

Spanish fly, the ancient potion long believed to be a potent aphrodisiac can also be quite deadly. This week's Deedlecast combines sexy rhythms and deadly beats that will have your hear pounding and your senses tingling for more.  

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What's it like to dance in zero gravity?  Find out aboard the orbiting club, Volta, this week on Deedlecast. Dance, mingle and immerse yourself in the music under the light of the rising Earth.  Remember, in space, anything's possible.

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