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This land is my land. This land is your land. Welcome to "StereoLand" where the tunes are timeless and everyone is welcome.  

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Tune In | In Tune

DJDeedle invites you to tune in to both the latest and the greatest. Jazz, pop, rock, rap, hip-hop - the in tunes of today and yesterday.  "TuneIn|InTune"

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Dancing with Nina

This week, your chance to dance with a singer, pianist, and civil rights champion - the high priestess of soul herself, Nina Simone.  Her troubled career and turbulent life brought us some of the most evocative, moving, and powerful music of all time. It's time to "Dance with Nina."   

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Pop music has gotten as bad a rap as, well, bad rap. It's time to rejuvenate, revive, remake, remix, and recycle pop music. Time to give it a new lease on life, a new purpose, and a new direction.  This week, it's time to get your "PopUp."

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