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Cassette tapes may be a thing of the past, but the spirit of the custom made mixtape finds new life this week. Remixes made just for you - just without the tape hiss.  So good you'll want to rewind and listen again and again.   


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Computer Menace


Sometimes computers can be a menace, simultaneously taking over the world while at the same time teetering precariously and threatening to crash and take our civilization and all our hard work down with them. Last week, we worked out the glitches.  This week we deal directly with the computer threat itself.  



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Even the smoothest running system can encounter a glitch or two. In digital music, bit rate reduction, digital distortion, hardware noise, computer bugs, crashes and system errors can ruin an otherwise flawless musical composition or performance, and be the source of endless agony and frustration.  But sometimes, used in the right way, glitches can work a kind of magic on an otherwise mundane sound.  

What is interesting about the glitch aesthetic is that it is hard to tell sometimes what sounds are "erroneously" produced, and which are intentional.  

This week's Deedlecast is presented in its unedited entirety, glitches and all, and hopefully better for it.  


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Trippin' Digital


DJDeedle's on his way back from paradise to reality, and finding the culture shock quite trippy.  What better way to trip out than to trip digital?!  

See you on the other side.

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