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The Thunder Line

All aboard! It's time to catch The Thunder Line.  The Thunder Line is the fast train to the rock music you love, with stops in Classic, Metal, Pop, and Punk.  An express train to all the best places to rock in Funky Town.  No ticket required!

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Deedlecast studios are powered by an array of solar panels. That means each and every Deedlecast is infused with the power of the tropical Kauai sun.  Though you won't need sunscreen, like the island sun, this week's Deedlecast can be intense.   At last, a renewable and clean source of electronic dance music.  

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The Other Side

You know you've always wanted to kow what it was like on the other side. Don't try to run. Don't try to hide. This week, at long last you have your chance to break on through to the other side.  

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Hipster Hop

What the hell is a "hipster?" DJDeedle freely admits to not knowing precisely what a hipster is.  But, perhaps this may be forgiven as hipsters don't seem to know either. From DJDeedle's decidely square perspective, hipsterism appears to be centered mainly around not being "mainstream" (whatever that means), creating a unique appearance, and a desire to be interesting and different. This focus on non-conformity merely for the sake of non-conformity introduces a genuine irony.  By not conforming in such similar ways, hipsters are conforming to a now mainstream and cliched stereotype of, well, a hipster.

One aspect of hipsterism that DJDeedle does understand, however, is the appropriation and use of objects, cliches, and symbols redolent of other eras and cultures for artistic or expressive purposes. DJDeedle hopes that this week's clash of hip-hop against pop, indie, classic rock, etc. will entertain and delight hipsters and squares alike.

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