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One Dolla

Everyone loves finding a dollar. Sadly, one person's good fortune is another's loss.  This week's Deedlecast is inspired by the Hawaiian comedy filmmaking genius, Alex Farhham of DamnItsGood808, and his brilliant video send up of Hawaiian Creole English (aka Hawaiian Pidgen), "One Dolla".   There's no need to scrap about DJDeedle's "One Dolla."  It's for everyone!

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Special Relativity

The Theory of Special Relativity is Einstein's revolutionary discovery that mass and energy are merely different states of the same thing. This week, DJDeedle demonstrates that mass and energy are equivalent in music as well. Einstein's well known equation needs a little tweak this week: 


That is: Energy is equivalent to mass times the square of the velocity of Deedlecast.

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Heady Days

Remember those heady days when the music was fresh and we danced all night? Well, they're back and more intoxicating than ever.  Lose your head in the sounds, memories, and sensations.  

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That Swing

It's just as true in 2012 as it was in 1933: It makes no difference If it's sweet or hot. Just give that rhythm everything you've got. It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing. Rest assured, DJDeedle's made sure this week's Deedlecast is full of that special kind of swing he knows you're going to love.  

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