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The Pop Cycle


Like art, music has cycles, particularly pop music.  No matter what era a pop tune belongs, it comes around again and again, reborn, reworked or just ripped off and recycled.  The secret of pop art is taking cliché, iconic, or obvious subjects and transforming them into something new, vibrant, and relevant.  This week, DJDeedle applies the pop art method to pop music, taking some of those tired and overworked sounds from the pop cycle, and giving them new meaning.




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Inflight Entertainment


Some say it's the not the destination that counts, but the journey.  With air transportation the way it is these days -- cramped, uncomfortable, rude, humiliating -- it really has become almost impossible to enjoy the journey.  This week, with the right inflight entertainment, the journey is a delight. 

So sit back, put the headphones on (drowning out the crying baby noise), pretend you have leg room, ignore the kid kicking the back of your 17.2 inch wide middle seat, forget how much you paid for that crappy seat, close your eyes, and enjoy the ride.

A reminder, while flying Deedlecast Airlines, federal law requires that you obey all DJDeedle's instructions!  So, for the duration of this flight, forget the hassles of air travel, the delays, the cancellations, the missed connections, and just enjoy the "Inflight Entertainment."



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Ritmo Dolce


This week, a variety of rhythms, from italo to cumbia, to samba, marengue, mambo, tango, and funk.  Bursting with flavor, this week's Deedlecast keeps the rhythms moving and your breath minty fresh.




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Don't touch that dial! There's no need, because this week DJDeedle has scanned all the frequencies, pulled the best tunes, and infused them with energy.  The radio spectrum may never be the same.





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Man vs. Machine

In our increasingly computerized and automated world, we humans may find ourselves wondering about our role: are we the masters of our technology? Have smarter, faster machines bested us, and made us obsolete; or worse yet - made us slaves to our very inventions.  

This week, @DJDeedle explores this tension between man and his technology. Is it really true that machines merely do the work, while people can think? Are there things that man can do that machines will never match? Or will man's ingenuity get the best of him?




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