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Rumors of the demise of disco are greatly exaggerated. Disco never died, it just went high tech.  It's disco time on Deedlecast. But, as you might expect, not your old fashioned disco sound. DJDeedle's breathed new life into the disco sound using 21st Century technological magic.  


This long weekend, it's time to boogie.  



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Beta Test


New technology always needs rigorous testing.  This week's Deedlecast tests out new tools and techniques, sounds and combinations. But don't worry, it's ready for prime time.  No glitches here.  



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Time Exposure


Everything has its time, and it's amazing what will appear, given proper exposure.  


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Portishead 2010


The unmistakable sound of Portishead returns to Deedlecast this week. You'll recognize the pops, scratches, and stutters created by keyboardist/multi-istrumentalist, Geoff Barrow, that create the perfect glitchcore frame for Beth Gibbons' lyrical, haunting voice.  But the Portishead of 2010 has been given a harder edge, a gritty makeover.  


There's more Portishead to be heard on Deedlecast.  Remember DJDeedle's Portishead from April 27, 2007? 



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