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The Take

Doesn't matter whether you're straight out of Compton or Kauai, to be on "The Take" you've got to be right on the money. This week, Deedlecast gives you what's fair, what's your share, your piece of the action. Get on "The Take."  

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Listen Up

Listen up, people! This week, DJDeedle has hot and fresh new sounds for you.  It's definitely the lift your weekend needs. Also, since the new season of "Doctor Who" premiers in the US, there's a little treat in there for you Whovians out there - as if your weekend could get any more "up." 

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This week, DJDeedle serves up a collection of tunes with serious "RockAbility." You deserve to rock.  

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Funky Business

The weekend is the perfect time for a little business of the funk kind.  It's a celebration like it's 1999. Tune in and let's down to business.

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