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"Bluest Monday" - Deedle's Housecleaning, Part 4
If you happen to be working this New Year's Eve Monday, you may be a little blue.  Here's a little mix from Deedle's collection to get your Monday off right, no matter how blue. 

"Bluest Monday" - New Order, MIA, Madonna, Princess Superstar, John Digweed, and Alex C. (Worksafe, provided you don't play it too loud)

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"Crowded House of Rattlesnakes" - Deedle's Housecleaning, Part 3
“Crowded House of Rattlesnakes? - Tori Amos, Crowded House, Booka Shade  (Totally work-safe)
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DJDeedle Live at the Duplex - New Year's Eve

Are you lucky enough to be celebrating New Year's Eve in the District? 
Join DJDeedle and his fellow Duplex DJs at DC's finest diner, the Duplex Diner, for New Year's Eve dinner and drinks. 

6:00 pm - Open for Dinner & Cocktails

9:30 pm - The DJ's On

Midnight - Champagne Splits to Welcome "Aught Eight"

Afterward - More Drinks and Dancing

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Good Fortune

DJDeedle foresees nothing but good fortune and good music for his listeners in 2008.  

Good fortune!  And thank you for listening in 2007. 

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"Staying Alive Forever" - Deedle's Housecleaning, Part 2
Another minimix pulled from deep storage. 

“Staying Alive Forever? - The Bee Gees, Snoop Dog, Pink Floyd, the Who Boys, and Jason Downs. (Totally NOT work-safe)

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"Everything Counts" - Deedle's Housecleaning, Part 1

Deedle's doing some year-end house cleaning. Over the next several days, DJDeedle will be posting some special single edits -- little mixes and things that didn't quite fit into Deedlecasts (yet). 

Full length Deedlecasts will still be posted every Friday!

In honor of the the gift-giving season, here's DJDeedle's mix of Depeche Mode's "Everything Counts (in large amounts)."

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Road Trippy

Many loyal Deedlecast listeners will be hitting the road this holiday week.  DJDeedle finds that on roadtrips . . .  time . . .  goes  . . . by  . . . so . . . slowly.  This Deedlecast is designed to take some of the tedium out of your trip to Funkytown, or really any town where you may be traveling this season.  

Listen and drive carefully.   
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Posture Is Everything
This week, that Olympic darling of the 1980's, Mary Lou Retton, reminds us that good posture is its own reward.  Every song in this Deedlecast should get you moving with perfect posture. 

Warning:  this Deedlecast contains a few non-Mary Lou-approved words. 

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Holly Jolly Syndicate

The holidays are just around the corner.  Let's face facts, though.   As Lucy Van Pelt informed us so many years ago, the holidays are a big commercial racket, and everyone knows they are run by a big eastern syndicate. 

Both holiday cynics and holiday fans will find something to love about this Holly Jolly Deedlecast.  DJDeedle has posted this episode a little early in the month so you may enjoy it the entire holiday season. 

For those of you who just can't get enough holiday cheer, try last year's holiday Deedlecast:

Holiday Fruitcake

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