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Perihelion (2014 Refix)

Don't be afraid to get close to the sun.   Our star gives us life, light, and nourishment, and inspires us to reach for its warmth, to attain perihelion.

Join DJDeedle as he chills in the warmth of the sun.  

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Planet X (Mission 2014)

DJDeedle doesn't know what planet you're on, but he wants to be on it with you.  This week #Deedlecast reprises that January 2009 mission to the mysterious and marvelous "Planet X."  

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Good Cop - Bad Cop (2014 Refit)

Sometimes to get the result you want, you have to play a little good-cop-bad-cop: the hard with the soft, the rough with the smooth, the gentle with the cruel.  This week's Deedlecast plays all those cards and breaks down even the toughest veneer, the most hardened felon, the baddest riff, the blackest beat.  Before listening to this show, you may want to call your lawyer.   

Enjoy this remastered and remixed Deedlecast classic from December 2009.  

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This all new Deedlecast does for sound what a kaleidoscope does for colors. Vivid, rich, amazing patterns emerge from the most unlikely combinations of simple elements.  

Now you can have kaleidoscope ears to go with those famous kaleidoscope eyes.


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