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Mean Streets

Hot time! Summer in the city can be so much fun.  The mean streets generate a mean sound.  This week, DJDeedle captures the very essence of those mean city vibes.  Immerse yourself in the gritty, bluesy summer city scene. 

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Whether it's family or graduating classes, summer is "Reunion" time.  Time to get together with long lost relations and chums, folks you haven't seen for awhile, and see just how much they've changed.  This week, those old favorites have returned, but like your high school classmates, they've changed quite a bit. Some have updated their look. Some have had complete makeovers.  But they've all had some work done, if you know what I mean.

This week's "Reunion" is full of surprises. 

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Deedlecast Windows Phone App

At last, it's here!  Windows Phone owners can now get their weekly dose of Deedlecast on their phones and tablets using the new Windows Phone App.  It's available at:

Like the Android and iOS Deedlecast apps, Windows app owners get their weekly show a day earlier than everyone else.  Face the music on Thursday rather than waiting until Friday.

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Clock Logic

Perfectly timed. Perfectly tuned.  DJDeedle applies some rationality and reason to the elements to this week's Deedlecast, and an extraordinary and fascinating groove is the only logical result.  Let logic and reason rule the day.

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Escape Plan

Summer is the perfect time to get away, and this week DJDeedle has your "Escape Plan."  Just press "play" and the perfect plan is revealed! 

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