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Macheesmo: Empowerment in the Kitchen

Oct 31, 2008

DJDeedle's friend, Nick, has launched a tasty new website all about food.  Nick calls his creation, "Macheesmo." 

What is Nick's website all about? 

Food and cooking have become much too serious. This thing which should be fun and somewhat whimsical, but at the same time essential, has been lost to a world of processed, fast, and unhealthy food. The goal of this site is to explore cooking and food and also show people that it can be fun, exciting, and rewarding.

What does "Macheesmo" mean?  Let Nick tell you:

Macheesmo is about empowerment in the kitchen. I want people to feel confident around food. One thing that we can control is what we eat and what we feed those we care about. That’s why the motto for this site is: Cook something.

When you proudly go out on a Saturday night in a black t-shirt with flour stuck to it, that is Macheesmo. When you spend two days carefully preparing ribs that your friends devour in ten minutes, that is Macheesmo. When you can confidently cook for your girlfriend’s mom… Well, you get the idea.

Get your Macheesmo on at: