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DJDeedle presents Deedlecast, the best mashup, remix, and retro-future sound.

Dec 28, 2012

2012 was a boisterous, turbulent, and volitile year. Consequently, as we bid farewell to 2012, we shouldn't expect it to go quietly.  DJDeedle's put together a fitting bon voyage, a bash appropriate for the boom and bust that was 2012.  We've survived yet another year when the world was supposed to end. Let's celebrate....

Dec 21, 2012

O zephyr winds, which blow on high, lift me now, so I can fly! It's time to get your head in the clouds.  You wouldn't believe what's up there. It's not all fun and games, though. All kinds of storms start in the clouds.  

Dec 14, 2012

The holidays are here again, and this week DJDeedle has a gift for you wrapped in holiday cheer.  Guaranteed to jingle your bells, this week's Deedlecast is just the dose of fun your season needs to make your days "Merry & Bright."  

The Deedlecast holiday special has become a tradition these past 7 years. Let's take a...

Dec 7, 2012

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but music has that beat by an order of magnitude.  This week's "Communiqué" from DJDeedle transmits some heavy messages from long lost friends, perfect strangers, and everything in between.  The message is the music, and the music is the message. Get it?