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DJDeedle presents Deedlecast, the best mashup, remix, and retro-future sound.

Dec 14, 2012

The holidays are here again, and this week DJDeedle has a gift for you wrapped in holiday cheer.  Guaranteed to jingle your bells, this week's Deedlecast is just the dose of fun your season needs to make your days "Merry & Bright."  

The Deedlecast holiday special has become a tradition these past 7 years. Let's take a ride with the ghost of Xmas past:

2011 - Jingle Mingle

2010 - The Glitch that Stole X-mas

2009 - Now Sound of Xmas

2008 - Xmas Frame of Mind

2007 - Holly Jolly Syndicate

2006 - Holiday Fruitcake