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DJDeedle presents Deedlecast, the best mashup, remix, and retro-future sound.


Deedlecast is the vanity podcast of the virtually unknown DJDeedle.  Whenever he feels like it (formerly every Friday), DJDeedle posts a 30 to 45-minute show, called a "Deedlecast," featuring mashup, chillout, downtempo, or dance mixes and remixes of every conceivable kind.

  1. Mashup (a.k.a., "Bastard Pop") - a musical genre which, in its purest form, consists of the combination (usually by digital means) of the music from one or more songs with the acapella from another. Typically, the music and vocals belong to completely different genres. At their best, bastard pop songs strive for musical epiphanies that add up to considerably more than the sum of their parts.

  2. Chillout/Downtempo - a kind of very smooth, electronic music whose intention is to interpret different melodies, beats, and vocals such that a relaxed mood is fostered or enhanced.

  3. Dance - a vast and misunderstood genre of music encompassing categories such as house, disco, garage, trance, hip-hop, trip-hop, inter alia. The unifying concept, however, is to provide a siren call of beat and tempo that will make it impossible for the listener to sit still, whether it be tapping a foot, running on the treadmill, or actually dancing.

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Dietary Caution: Some Deedlecasts may contain components that are raw or political; consumption of which may increase the risk of offense among [overly] sensitive individuals. DJDeedle assumes no responsibility, express or implied, if anyone is offended by Deedlecast, and firmly believes that any offense you might feel is something best taken up with your therapist. Any Deedlecast containing rude words will be labeled appropriately. Persons with nut allergies need not fear consumption of Deedlecast.

Legal Stuff: The majority of the music on this site has been, by my own free admission, created using non-sanctioned, copyrighted material of other artists. All audio material of this nature is for demonstration purposes only and, unless you own the copyright, should not be kept or redistributed. DJDeedle does not make any money from this and believes that the end-product is sufficiently different not to cause the original artists any financial hardship. However, DJDeedle will remove any file upon receipt of a written request to do so. Finally, if you like the music you hear on this site, please go out and buy something by the original artists - one hand washes the other. Remember, as always, past performance is no indication of future return.