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DJDeedle presents Deedlecast, the best mashup, remix, and retro-future sound.

Jul 27, 2007

Just scan the television channels today, and it seems endless hours of television time are spent on making over peoples' homes, cars, images, faces, bodies, food, you name it.   

DjDeedle thinks that music, both old and new, needs a makeover of its own.  

This makeover is hosted by the incomparable (and deceased)...

Jul 20, 2007

This Deedlecast may chill out suddenly and without warning.  This is entirely normal, and there is no need to adjust your equipment.

Further Notice:  There are a couple of rude words in this podcast. But perhaps you'll be so chill, you won't notice them.

Even Further Notice:    Deedlecast marked its 10,000th...

Jul 13, 2007

Because I had a couple of requests, I'm posting this DJDeedle original as a single.  It's a mashup of "Saved by Zero" by the Fixx and the very obscure classic from the 80's, "Don Quichotte" by Magazine 60.  Let me tell you, it was no easy feat finding "Don Quichotte." It was wildly popular in El Paso, TX in the...

Jul 13, 2007

Smashing soundwaves with a rock beat, this Deedlecast twists some recognizable favorites and a few obscure classics with a welcome, sometimes heavy, and always unique sound. 

Jul 6, 2007

This week, DJDeedle brings you another continuous house mix. This mix has it all.  If you've been wanting to hear it, it's in the mix.