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Mar 14, 2006


Today would have been his sixteenth birthday. It's hard to believe he's been gone for over a year. There was never a better, more loyal, patient, sweet, loving, attentive, well-behaved, constant, or adorable companion. There was also never a companion more loved or missed.

This isn't a Deedlecast. It's a single song called "I'll Be There" by Weekend Players that I remixed into a four and a half minute version. I intend to make a short film as a tribute with all the photos and film clips I have of him, set to my extended mix. The mix is called "I'll Be There (Deedle's Sleepiest-sleepy-sleep mix)."

I chose this song out of myriad options because, through good and bad, he was there for me. He was there when I was living in Dallas just after graduating college, didn't know a soul in town, and found out that I'd passed the CPA exam. I had just gotten him, and we danced and celebrated together. He was there at the airport when I came home from England after a seven day coma and a near miss with spinal menengitis. I remember being in the hospital just wanting to get back to the states to him.

He was there all through law school and the bar exam, and all the late nights and stresses. Friends and boyfriends came in and out of my life, but he was always there for me with his unwavering love and support. With all the vicissitudes of school and career, we moved a lot in his fifteen years. We lived in Dallas, Austin, and DC. It didn't matter to him, as long as he was there with me. We went to Montreal, Provincetown, California, Oklahoma, New York, Ohio, and all over Texas together. He loved the car, and he was always so good on the plane that I was able to carry him on in one of those pet bags, so happy to be going along, never making a sound under the seat. He just wanted to go with, and hated to be left behind.

Happy birthday. You are never forgotten and are always with me.